The Moorhead Schools Choir and Carolers came up with a very inventive way to announce that school would be starting 2 hours late. The video was put together last month during the Polar Vortex and was a spoof of the song by 'The Turtles' called "Happy Together."

According to Bring Me The News, one of the versus goes as follows "When Tuesday morning came, I slept 'til noon and then I watched my Netflix show and my cartoon, I didn't do my homework yet, it's way too soon, it's colder than Fargo!" Superintendent of Moorhead Schools Brandon Lupak also made a special appearance in the video.

Since it was released it has been viewed 127,000 times, just goes to show that we can all relate to how cold and miserable this winter has been.Now hopefully we won't have a drastic rise rise in temperatures there is a lot of snow out there that needs to melt and we don't need any flooding.

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