A woman and her son were visiting the Safari North Wildlife Park in Brainerd Minnesota Zoo when somehow her wallet ended up in the pond of the alligator exhibit down below. I guess instinctively the thought of your wallet sinking to the bottom of a muddy pond would make people react with out taking safety into account.

The woman's son sadly seems oblivious to the danger that he is in as he walks right towards the waters edge and has to be warned from a girl who yelled to him "he should not do that because he could get bitten by an alligator!" The woman used a stick at one point to get her wallet then did the old throwing rocks to distract the pack of 'gators to eventually grab it.

A lot of questions remain like how did her wallet get into the exhibit in the first place and why on earth would she let her kid jump in the exhibit with her? Check out the video below from Ashlynn Curtis to see how it all went down.

According to Bring Me The News the wildlife park made a statement about the incident as follows: "We are thankful no person or animal was hurt. We have clear postings and fencing to keep guests out of animal areas and have never dealt with a situation like this since opening our park seven years ago. The woman has since apologized."

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This story reminded me when I was a kid I was at the Milwaukee County Zoo with my family and we were by the hippopotamus exhibit. A grown man was standing next to me  eating a hot dog leaning over the railing. Below him was a massive hippo with his mouth wide open. Do you think he tossed him the hot dog? Nope, he threw the napkin in his mouth. So here  7 year old me went up to this grown up and said to him "you are a bad man to do that, hippos don't eat napkins and now he is going to get sick!" I will never forget the look on his face, he was in total shock as he should be, he got schooled by a little kid.The moral of the story is sometimes grown ups act stupid when they go to Zoo's.

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