According to a new study from State Farm motorists in Minnesota have a 1 in 81 chance to hit a deer this year.  That is a frightening statistic.

Minnesota ranks 7th in the nation of States with reported accidents involving hitting deer with their vehicles, last year the state ranked 8th. Living in the Northland we all know that even within city limits it is very common to see deer dash across the road. For myself using mainly London Road and Superior Street on the East end of town I still get shocked when I see deer on those very busy roads, plus I have learned that if you see one, chances are more are in the area as well.

For our neighbors in Wisconsin the odds are even greater to hit a deer with a 1 in 66 chance and it ranks 6th in the nation for vehicle- deer collisions. Of course it is always important to always be aware especially near deer crossing areas, wear your seat belt and do not swerve to try and miss the deer.