The movie filmed in Lincoln Park last year is coming to a movie screen near you but there's a catch. You only have a chance to catch the debut once at the end of the month - for now.

It was announced early last year that there was a movie set to film in Duluth in the spring. We didn't know too much at the time other than the movie was a scary flick and would be filmed at The Caddy Shack in Lincoln Park.

Not only was the movie filming in the area, but they were looking for a bunch of locals to become extras in the film. Roles ranges from small background roles to lead and supporting roles, which is pretty cool.

Some of the roles they were looking for give insight into the plot. Last April, they were seeking roles for a demon, a waiter or waitress, funeral attendees, among a few other roles. It sounds pretty scary and now you have a chance to get a first look.

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The film will be making its big theater debut at the end of April. They shared the exciting news on the official Facebook page for the film, writing that it will debut on Thursday, April 28th. It is being dubbed a "first-look" screening which means you have one chance to catch it before it is distributed at a later date.

The film will debut during the first ever Zeitgeist North by North Film Festival. The festival spans over the course of five days and on one of those, you can catch this soon-to-be hit film that was filmed just a short distance from where it was filmed!

The film will be shown at the Zeitgeist Zinema 2. Tickets for the screening will be $12 bucks and the showing will take place at 10 p.m. The theater is located in the heart of downtown Duluth along Superior Street.

This really is a once-of-a-kind chance to see the movie filmed in Lincoln Park in a Duluth theater, which is awesome. According to movie producers, they are still shopping the film around for distribution and will have details on when it will officially be released and where at a later date.

It will also be awesome to see local actors getting a chance to shine. There will also be a famous face among the cast. Actor Chris Mulkey has a role as an FBI agent in the film. In fact, he will be playing Deputy Director Hank Mullen in the film, which is a full circle moment for the actor I'm sure. Why? He is from Wisconsin!

By the way, if you're curious about the plot, the Facebook page for the film says the following;

Russell is a man who lost his way. A man with a dark past and no worries - that is, until his father dies. As Russell uncovers the gruesome truth behind his father’s death, he inherits more responsibility than he bargained for.

A few years back, a Christmas movie was filmed in Minnesota just a few hours from Duluth. It ended up airing on Lifetime and even if you aren't into that kind of thing, you can't deny it is awesome to have a movie filmed in our state.

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