If you're the kind of person that is drawn to strange-looking VHS tapes at garage sales and secondhand stores, this festival is right up your alley.

This is like a circus sideshow of film festivals, with a lineup of films that most people have never heard of, promising an experience that is both bizarre and unexpectedly delightful. One movie is SO bad, that if you make it through the entire thing, you may win a prize.

The Junk Food Film Festival is being hosted at Zeitgeist Zinema 2 on April 19th and 20th, event organizers say the festival will feature "VHS culture, genre films, midnight movies, and so bad-it’s-good schlock." And the lineup of films certainly fits that description. A pass for the festival is only $20, and are available here.


What Films are Playing at the Junk Food Festival?

  • Creating Rem Lezar - From 1989, this musical follows two kids as they bring a mannequin superhero to life and teach him about friendship and fantasy.
  • VHYes - A found-footage comedy that’s a love letter to VHS,
  • Munchie - A 1992 ow budget comedy featuring a Gremlin-like creature voiced by Dom DeLuise
  • Dungeon - All they say is this film is about "a guy and his grandma. And a dungeon."
  • Love on a Leash - A 2011 romantic comedy about a girl and her dog.
  • Microwave Massacre - A cult classic horror film about a man who discovers a taste for human flesh after murdering his wife.
  • Class of Nuke ‘Em High Part 2: Subhumanoid Meltdown! - A couple tries to save a school from a mutant squirrel.
  • Cool World - A 1992 film starring a young Brad Pitt in a cartoon world.
  • Bat Pu$$y - This NSFW film is so bad, that if you make it through all 50 minutes, you'll be entered into a drawing for prizes.

There will also be some other special film previews, shorts, plus audience participation, drinking games, trivia, and prizes.

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