The Minnesota State High School League has shared information via their Facebook page on what safety requirements are being put in place for events in Minnesota School. Most of the requirements have to do with allowed capacities at venues.

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The rules in place are for indoor sports, concerts, plays, competitions, performances and any event that has spectators indoors. For indoor events, a participant in the sport or activity is allowed two spectators to attend. The household/specatotr groups must be 6 feet a part from another group. Further, event spaces cannot exceed 25% of their total capacity. No venue will be allowed to go over a maximum of 250 people, regardless of the capacity. Spectators will only be allowed at an official event. In some cases if a spectator needs a support person at practices or rehearsals it will be allowed. In some cases it could be down to one spectator per participant if it is a smaller facility.

All schools must use an advanced ticketing or reservation program. Walk-ins and impromptu ticket purchases will not be allowed. Names of spectators along with phone number or e-mail must be collected for proper contact tracing if an individual develops COVID-19.

Schools must also work with spectators to schedule arrival times in a longer time window to prevent congregation or congestion before an event. Staggered admission time and entry times are a way to prevent crowded situations.

The MSHSL also advices everyone to read up on the COVID-19 Guidance for Youth and Adults.

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