For nervous travelers or just plain old cat lovers now you may have a chance to meet Stitches the cat, she is the newest addition to the Therapy Animal crew at MSP International Airport. She is the only cat joining the 93 service dogs they have at the airport. I honestly did not even know they had any service animals at the airport, but I guess I just was never in the right place at the right time.

So now onto the story about Ms. Stitches she is an 11-year-old calico-tabby mix who had already been interviewed by Travel + Leisure and now City Pages. She is becoming very famous despite her grumpy look on her face, she is a total doll.

Stitches and her owner, Nikki Christopher, will be circulating Terminal 1 with a sort of cat stroller thing that reads “Pet Me!” on top. Her job is to soothe nervous travelers with free cuddles and she has  her own custom business cards. In her free time Stitches likes watching Law and Order SVU, apparently she likes the sound of Ice-T's Voice! Ha ha this is the best part of her whole story!

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