Halloween is one of my favorite holidays and I always think of costume ideas ahead of time. I made a list of my 5 dream costumes, if only I could make them come true.


  • Movie Clips via YouTube

    Predator From 'Predator'

    Predator has always been one of my favorite characters, he just looks awesome. I would love to have an authentic film like costume with the helmet and all. And of course I would have some one else dress as Schwarzenegger or an Alien.

  • Courtesy of Calen Hoffman

    Groot from 'Gaurdians of the Galaxy'

    "I am Groot", I mean is there really anything else to say about this costume? I think it'd be pretty cool would to walk around as a giant talking tree, especially if you could get an entire group to dress as the guardians.

  • George De Sota, Getty Images

    Pinhead from 'Hellraiser'

    Thanks to my dad I've been a fan of horror fans my entire life. It would be amazing to be an authentic Pinhead from 'Hellraiser'.  A long leather trenchcoat, nails in the head and of course the Lemarchand's box. To really pull this off, I'll need Butterball, Chatterbox and Cenobites to come with me.

  • Chris Jackson, Getty Images

    Tardis from 'Doctor Who'

    I absolutely love BBC and 'Doctor Who' is one of my favorite shows. So what I would imangine for this costume is dressing up as the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant, my favorite so far) and build a Tardis around a segway. Make the Tardis have light and sound and of course movable (hints the segway) and then be able to walk out of it as the Doctor.

  • Sascha Steinbach, Getty Images

    Bobba Fett From 'Star Wars'

    Again having a movie like replica and having a legit usable jet pack would make this the best costume ever. Bobba is one of the coolest characters in the fictional world in my eyes and it would awesome to make this bounty hunter come to life.