I got a chance to visit the Wildcat Sanctuary near Sandstone this weekend and I had a great time learning about not only the cats but the work the sanctuary does to protect these animals.

All the wildcats in the sanctuary have been either surrendered or rescued from individuals who think it's o.k. to make one of these wild animals a pet.  This is truly a sad situation for everyone involved and we can all be thankful that an organization like this exists, not only for the animals sake, but for the public's safety.

They have over 120 cats on the property and they do a great job of making sure all the needs of the animals are met, they feed the animals a proper diet, make sure they have enough room to feel comfortable and even have a on site hospital, where vet's volunteer their time to help the wildcats. They do all this with NO public funding, it is all private donations!

Check out the gallery of  pictures from my visit and check out the video of the lions making some noise for us, truly amazing to hear this up close.

By the way, they are having a fundraiser in Duluth called Whiskers and Waves on March 26th, it's a beer and wine tasting with silent auction, get more information and get tickets here.