Halloween is MONDAY already!  That means this weekend, there will be freaks everywhere.  I mean, dressed up for Halloween.  In addition to the freaks that are already out there.  If you have a party to attend as a couple but haven't decided on a cute couples costume, here are a few suggestions from thenest.com:

1. Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone

Looking to dress up like the pop diva and her male alter-ego? Look no further than a homemade Lady Gaga and Jo Calderone costume. Because Gaga’s always rocking the extreme looks and this year was no different - just get creative!

Lady Gaga:

Embrace your inner Gaga with a leather jacket, a bodysuit and chains for a look straight from the “Telephone” video. (Make sure to roll up your hair in soda cans.) You could also buy a tube dress, and glue pictures of raw meat all over the dress.

Jo Calderone:

Rock some pants, a black suit jacket, a light-colored T-shirt and greaser hair (hello, pomade!), place a cigarette behind the ear for added effect.

2. Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries

Oh, the Kardashians - the media mogul family we love to love (and hate). After “America’s Royal Wedding,” couples will definitely be dressing up like Kim and Kris this year. Use these easy tricks to get their look.

Kim Kardashian:

Find a fitted dress that cinches at the waist and use a spray tan for Kardashian glow. A smoky look and fake eyelashes are key. Last, invest in a bum enhancer. You can find these at most department stores in the lingerie section.

Kris Humphries:

This one’s easy – dress for the game! Some basketball shorts, sneakers and a jersey – preferably Nets.

3. Kate Middleton and Prince William

The future King and Queen of England entered our hearts this year and probably became more famous on our side of the pond than on their own. While getting their wedding look may be a bit difficult, their engagement shoot should be a breeze.

Kate Middleton:

Search for a blue long-sleeved wrap dress, will fall around the corner, you should be able to find one. The piece de resistance, make sure to snag a replica engagement ring – they’re all over the internet.

Prince William:

Put on your favorite suit, white shirt and grab a purple tie – done and done!

4. Kat Von D and Jesse James

This rocker duo has been in the news quite a bit this year and we predict that many replicate Jesse and Kats will be running around this Halloween.

Kat Von D:

Don a black dress, bonus points if you find something with spikes. Then just replicate her signature tattooed arm sleeves with eyeliner and an artsy friend to draw it on.

Jesse James:

Plaid shirt? Check. Fedora? Check. Just grow out that stubble and have a friend draw some tats on your arms with eyeliner.

5. Anthony Weiner and Cell Phone

This year’s favorite political scandal involved cell phone pictures and while this technically isn’t a couple’s costume – Weiner couldn’t have gotten where he is today without the phone. Don a suit and head to the local party store for a cell phone costume.