It's 3 pm on a beautiful Friday afternoon and, you're stuck at work staring out the window as the outside world beckons to you. Rather than plotting some elaborate story or faking an illness that your boss will see right through, why not let technology take care of your problem?

TDA_Boulder, a marketing company in Colorado (as a creative marketing tool), has created the Happy Hour Virus to give you a good (and easily reversible) reason to leave work for the rest of the day. The "virus" isn't a virus at all, rather it's a website that gives you the option to select between a few visual "computer problems" that show up on your monitor to give the appearance of a difficult computer problem.

The website offers three easy steps to get out of the office:

  1. Make plans with friends
  2. Choose from the three different "broken computer" options the site offers
  3. Act frustrated, use the excuse, and leave work

Simply pressing the escape key will fix your "computer problem", but your boss doesn't need to know that.

Here are the three "broken computer" options you can pick from:

"Kernel Panic"

Happy Hour Virus

"Broken Monitor"

Happy Hour Virus

"Blue Screen of Death"

Happy Hour Virus