I was scrolling through Netflix last weekend and I stumbled on a category called 'Movies From The 1990s'. Immediately I saw a whole list of blockbuster movies that I used to love. The first movie that was on the list was 'Air Force One' starring Harrison Ford. I clicked play just to have it on in the background while I worked on my laptop.

Twenty minutes later my laptop was closed and I had a bowl of popcorn in my lap. This movie was just too good, and it required my full attention even though I've seen it before. With the stress of life right now at a pretty high level, I found myself forgetting about all of it for 2 hours. Get off my plane, coronavirus!

I started looking through the titles in the rest of the categories and I was shocked at how many great movies are on there. 'Golden Eye,' 'Deep Impact,' 'Bad Boys,' 'Silence of the Lambs,'The Matrix,' 'Philadelphia,' and so many more.

But what was the next movie to get played? 'Twister.' I haven't seen that movie in a decade, but I probably saw it 100 times back in the 90's. I watched it again after all these years and it was still a fantastic film!

It got me thinking about what makes this decade of movies so special. Sure the 90's were my formative years and that's got something to do with it. But I think there's something else special about it. We were just starting to get into some real CGI special effects. After Jurassic Park was a huge success, studios started implementing more and more CGI, doing things that never could be done before. The special effects in 'Twister' are still pretty darn good after all of these years. 90's movies also were a little more "over the top" than a lot of movies today are. They were bold and they were heavy handed, and they didn't care.

Some of the best movies are from the 1990s. We have proof because look how many of these turned into sequels. How many of these have had full on reboots? They're even planning a 'Twister' reboot.

So if you find yourself bored on a rainy day, or just want to escape from the news and madness in the world, search "movies from the 1990's" in Netflix and enjoy. There's a lot of great stuff there,

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