Where do I even begin with this hairstyle? It was a weird time in fashion the early 1990's. I had been super preppy most of my life, then when I went off to college and I think I lost my mind a little bit. These monstrosities of a hairstyle (above) were  after college, which means I actually had a job looking like that.

I always joke that I naturally grow a mullet because my hair is so incredibly curly from the middle of my head down and so I tend to have that awesome flow naturally. To bad I never played hockey. Thankfully I got tired of having my hair touching the back of my neck and always wore it in a pony tail, so I figured why not just cut my hair short.  And that is how it has been ever since. Whenever someone says to me you should grow your hair out I will have them look at one of these gems.

So now my hair is getting a little touch of gray which I need to color by the way, but at least now I just have an  average look that won't go down in the history books unlike the wonder of my mullet style hairdo. By the way Thanks Cooper for having me bring these pictures in to show you, I should have known they would be used for something. :)

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