The Minnesota State Fair  is a little over a month away and they recently unveiled some of the newer attractions at this years fair. From thrilling rides to mini horses you truly can cover everyone's interets. Here are some highlights:

  1. Thrill Rides in the Midway: Five new adrenaline-rushing rides have been added with three of them that are the only rides of their kind in North America and are debuting in the Midway. Plus, little kids get two new rides of their own at Kidway.
  2. Cambria Kitchen: Located in the Creative Activities Building this beautiful modern open style kitchen which allows guests to observe the cooking styles of famous chef's including Minnesota's own Andrew Zimmern on August 24th.
  3. Minnesota State Fair Horse Show: This four dat event is one of the premiere horse shows in the upper mid west with draft and mini-horses as well this year.
  4. The Hangar: What was once home to the State Fair Aircraft show in the 1990's and more recently the Pet Center, this building has been completely redone with aircraft memorabilia in honor of it's historical past. It will feature a wide variety of State Fair Foods and also will feature a selection of locally brewed beer with live entertainment as well.
  5. Behind The Scenes Peek With a Few Food Vendors: Of course a huge part of the State Fair is all the delicious Food and this experience allows guests to see how some of their favorites are prepared. Pronto Pups and Sweet Martha's Cookie Jar are some of the vendors featured.


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