An old historic building was renovated in Downtown Duluth and is now home to Fargo based Bell Bank.

The Temple Opera Building located at 201 E Superior Street was built in 1889 and has recently been remodeled and is now home to Bell Bank. The building was originally built to replace Duluth’s Grand Opera House which burned down to the ground in a fire.

The building was restored with exceptional care, despite being gutted many historic details are still preserved, the Duluth News Tribune talked to Tim McShane, Bell Bank Twin Ports market president, and he said, "We didn’t want to lose the history of the building. There are not that many historical buildings left and we wanted to preserve everything that we possibly could."

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A variety of businesses called the building home for many years, but in 2018 they were all evicted by the Duluth Economic Development Authority to make room for the renovation.

Bell Bank is the largest independently owned bank in the upper Midwest and was founded as the State Bank of Fargo in 1966 and has expanded into many segments of the financial industry and has locations from Arizona to Minneapolis and now Duluth. Bell Bank offers a variety of banking services including retail banking, private, business and mortgage banking, investments and more.

Bell Bank says it operates with a simple motto, "Happy Employees! Happy Customers!." They say on their website, "With this as our mission, core values of family, unequaled service and giving back are at the heart of what we do. Employees and customers alike are treated like family."

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