For the last few months, everyone has been wondering what is going on with the old BP on Central Entrance. We now have a confirmation that it will be a Caribou Coffee.

According to the Development Tracker Duluth, the confirmed location will be right next to us at 2 E. Central Entrance. Last year the BP closed its doors and we were wondering what would go there next.

There are currently Caribou locations in Canal Park, the Miller Hill Mall, Stone Ridge Shopping Center by Cub Foods, London Road and now one on Central Entrance.  This may come to no surprise to some as rumors have been floating around  the last few months that it will be a Caribou. Especially when the out door look starting matching the look and colors of other Caribou locations.

According to the article, there aren't too many details on the new location. However,  multiple permits have been pulled out for the renovation and work has been happening for the last few weeks. They are hoping for a fall opening. I'm just glad I can walk next door to get my coffee fix!

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