It took a while but it finally happened where we have a pretty good variety of food trucks to choose from in the Northland. But of course, once the snow and cold roll in the trucks close their doors until spring. But all that has changed now.

When you think of Minnesota and food what is the first thing that comes to mind besides lutefisk? I would guess a hotdish of some sort, generally one made with tater tots to make it extra hearty! I had never heard the word hot dish or seen a tater tot hot dish until a friend of mine had me over to his parent's house and his mom made one for dinner.

Mind Blown, this has to be one of my all-time favorite comfort foods and I am so excited that now there is actually a food truck that serves a couple of different versions of this Minnesota favorite. I had a chance to talk to Ben one of the owners of the food truck about how they got started.

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He said that he and all his coworkers are in the restaurant and catering business and they were all talking about starting up a food truck business and decided on hot dishes in the winter. They sure don't need to worry about any competition this time of year that is for sure.

So why a hot dish? They wanted to serve up food that could be ready very quickly given the fact their customers are standing outside in the cold waiting for their food. As of right now, they have six different hotdish items all served with cornbread, but Ben said they are hoping to get some recipe ideas from customers to possibly add to the menu in the future.

Photo: Haulin' Hotdish Facebook Page
Photo: Haulin' Hotdish Facebook Page

Your first chance to check out this amazing-sounding food is Wednesday, January 25 at Miller Hill Subaru from 11 am-2p. I know I will be there with bells on and for the first time ever I am not in a hurry for winter to be over so I can make a few stops at the Haulin' Hotdish food truck!

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