The Miller Hill Mall is about to welcome a new, locally owned business that will feature mini donuts that you can cover in your own delicious toppings, a variety of waffles and even Red Bull slushies!

Itty Bitty Donut Co is the brainchild of local entrepreneurs Timothy and Darian Fogelberg and they ready to treat the Northland and everyone beginning Monday, August 2nd. They are located inside the Miller Hill Mall right across from T-Mobile and Kay Jewelers.

I reached out to Darian through Facebook and she was very excited to share all that their new store would have to offer. Not only will Itty Bitty Donut Co have mini donuts, bubble waffles and Belgian waffles, but you can cover them with your choice of over 15 different toppings. Topping choices include fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries as well as a variety of sweets like M&Ms, graham crackers, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, whip cream, caramel, cinnamon, sugar and more.

In a hurry? They will also have grab-and-go bags of mini donuts with the popular and common cinnamon and sugar topping. If you'd like to treat your coworkers, they will have an Office Box that features 36 donuts.

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They will also have small, medium and large 'Bitty Boats' for the kids, or those who just want a snack. They also plan on offering catering and delivery in the future.

Before we get into how you can wash all this goodness down, you may be wondering what bubble waffles are. Rather than explain, just look below as a picture speaks thousand words.

To quench your thirst, how about a Red Bull slushy? The Itty Bitty Donut Co will have those in a variety of flavors.

Another nice touch is that they will feature the work of local artist Joseph Saumier within their store.

The Itty Bitty Donut Co is truly a passion project from two local business owners and once they open August 2, everyone needs to venture to the Miller Hill Mall to pay them a visit.

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