With a short Holiday week, so is the list of major new releases this week, but for One Direction Fans...new music form the guys is all that matters.

1.) One Direction: "Midnight Memories" -You got to give it up to the skinny jeans crew, they have some staying power, but like the fate of any boy bands I am just sitting back waiting for one of them to break out on the solo thing.

2.) Pitbull :  "Global Warming: Meltdown" (deluxe edition of his 2012 album; includes "Timber," feat. Ke$ha, and four previously unreleased tracks), "Meltdown EP" (five songs)  If you have a Pitbull fan on your Holiday list, this is a must purchase. I have no idea how this guy has so much material but he is everywhere.

3.) Billie Joe + Norah (Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones): "Foreverly" (their cover of the Everly Brothers' 1958 album "Songs Our Daddy Taught Us") what a great combo with these two who individually have very unique sounds to their voice. Love it!

Other release out this week:

-Dido: "Greatest Hits" (18 songs, including the new track, "NYC")

-Kool & The Gang: "Something Special: Expanded Edition" (1981 album; remastered, with seven bonus tracks), "As One: Expanded Edition" (1982 album; remastered, with six bonus tracks)

-Soundgarden: "Screaming Life / Fopp" (the band's first two EPs, from 1987-88, released as a compilation in 1990)