It is a slow week for new releases, but I want to highlight a band you may not of heard of before, LOVE AND THEFT. Technically they are considered Country, but their look and sound begs to differ. It is always cool to stray from the norm and maybe take a chance on some new types of music.

1.)   Love and Theft "Love and Theft"- They could go either way between pop and country. Check out the video below of their single "ANGEL EYES"

2.)  Beyoncé "4 (Deluxe Edition)" (2011 album; with six bonus tracks)- You got to love these c.d. editions. You may find your favorite song that was never released. You got to hand it to B, she is always working it.

3.) Jennifer Lopez "Dance Again: The Hits" (16 songs) Try sitting still listening to this. I wonder If her dancer/boyfriend helped her pick out the songs?

4.)Slipknot "Antennas to Hell" (19-track best-of)