It must be Summer, because just like everyone is moving a little slow due to the heat, so are new releases in music this week.

1.) 5 Seconds of Summer (Australian pop-punk group)  : “5 Seconds of Summer” (collaborators: John Feldmann, Jake Sinclair, Steve Robson, The Madden Brothers) Another Boy Band, but these gents hail from Australia and all play Instruments. They rock the skinny jeans and a re a big hit with the younger female set.

2.) Common:  “Nobody’s Smiling” -A Chicago native who has started to dabble in acting as well, he decided to dedicate this his tenth album to his Hometown. One of my favorites out there, glad he remembers to stick to his roots.

3.) Jesse McCartney :“In Technicolor” :  His first album in 6 years Jesse has a different outlook and sound with a more grown up soulful vibe. Good for him that he is s till in the game with all the boy bands nipping at his heels.


-Various artists :  “NOW That’s What I Call Music! 88″ (two CDs)

-Duran Duran: “Rio [Vinyl]“ (1982 album; remastered; two LPs, featuring five bonus remixes)




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