The City of Duluth issued a heads up the Northland motorists Wednesday regarding the temporary closure of a new portion of 21st Avenue East. The closure of this additional portion of the road is necessary in order to complete necessary repairs.

According to the City, during a final inspection of the repair to the storm sewer just completed between East 3rd Street and East 4th Street, it was discovered that a location north of 2nd Street was also in need of repair.

Therefore, beginning Thursday, March 10, the City of Duluth will temporarily close an additional portion of 21st Avenue East to repair that storm sewer.

Motorists should be aware that traffic will be closed to those going down 21st Avenue East between East 2nd Street and East 3rd Street. However, upbound traffic on 21st Ave East will not be impacted.

A detour will be placed around the work area utilizing East 2nd and East 4th Street and North 19th Avenue East.

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The project will begin Thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. as city crews begin placing heat blankets on the area to be repaired. The blankets will help thaw the ground to help facilitate excavating without damaging existing utilities in that area.

A detour will be placed around the work area utilizing East 2nd and East 4th Street and North 19th Avenue East.

The City would like to remind drivers that East 2nd and East 3rd Streets are one-way and they are encouraged to use the suggested detour route

This closure and related detour are expected to be in place for approximately two weeks if all goes to plan.

Please drive with caution anytime you encounter crews out on Northland roads. We all know that as spring and approach, they will become even more prevalent throughout the area.

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