I am all for new restaurants opening in Duluth! The more restaurant options, the better and we already have some really great ones.

There have been some new additions recently to the Duluth area. Most notably, a brand new coffee shop opened in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is called 190 Coffee & Tea and it is a really cool and eclectic spot with delicious coffee and tea options, as well as pastries.

I visited the new coffee shop on opening weekend and was impressed! My favorite thing about it was definitely the decor and vibe of the shop and my coffee was really good too. They have a ton of options to choose from and you will certainly leave caffeinated.

Just a few minutes away, a cookie shop will be opening in the near future. The spot is called Crumbl Cookies and there are already several locations around Minnesota, including in Arden Hills and Maple Grove. An exact opening date hasn't been announced but the sign is up which means likely soon!

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Now, we will have another new addition to the Duluth area soon. The spot is called Loaf and Ladle and it will be located in the heart of downtown Duluth. I noticed an electronic sign in the window of the new spot while I was on my way to work and decided to do some investigating.

After some research, I came across confirmation that it is indeed a new restaurant opening on Superior Street! They have an official Facebook page where they shared the news just a few days ago! According to their post, they are working on the new spot and hope to open soon.

A menu for the spot is not available just yet, as the owner is hard at work on creating that menu, based on the announcement above. I reached out to the owner of the spot for more information and he said that for now, he is creating the menu around items that work well for take-out so lucky customers can get a taste for Loaf and Ladle before it officially opens for indoor dining. They may also be offering meal kits and family packages in the future.

Speaking of opening for indoor dining, the owner of Loaf and Ladle told me that there is still much work to be done at the new spot and that dine-in likely won't be an option until spring or summer. In the meantime, the spot will be launching takeout and delivery services soon so we can still get our fill of the food before they officially open to customers.

Another thing to note is that the new Loaf and Ladle has ties to an established eatery in the Superior area. Cousin Chuy's is a popular place to feast and has been operating out of the kitchen at Average Joe's Pub for some time.

Cousin Chuy's will be relocating to the new Loaf and Ladle, as they are owned by the same person. However, for now the spot will continue operating out of its current location at Average Joe's Pub. This means you can still order food as usual from Cousin Chuy's until further notice.

I asked the owner what the new restaurant means for Cousin Chuy's and he said that it "will be absorbed" by Loaf and Ladle once they are done remodeling the new location. Basically, we will be getting two restaurants under one roof with one menu.

According to Cousin Chuy's website, the spot is open Wednesday through Saturday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. The eatery is closed Sunday through Tuesday. The menu looks delicious with burgers, burritos and wings. As mentioned, you can still enjoy Cousin Chuy's as usual but once the remodel is done at Loaf and Ladle's location, it will move into the spot and become one with the new restaurant.

Last but not least, the owner told me that the idea for Loaf and Ladle "is to be great food, fast for the working crowd in and around the downtown area." I can't wait!

The chef and mastermind behind Cousin Chuy's and the new Loaf and Ladle is named Cody. A little blurb about him is offered on the website. He is a former hockey player at Duluth East and is an avid outdoorsman with two cats. He enjoys golfing and pole vaulting and has a website dedicated to his Beanie Babies collection. Of course, he is also a dedicated chef.

I will keep you updated on an exact opening date when one is announced, hopefully in the very near future. The spot is located at 220 West Superior Street right across from the station so you can get your food and wave across the street as you're eating. Ha!

By the way, if you need more reference, Loaf and Ladle will be in the old Toasty's location. It is right next to RT Quinlan's Saloon. Toasty's moved to a different location just down the block. You can now catch them at 324 West Superior Street.

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