The more places to eat, the better! A new restaurant and tiki bar are opening in downtown Duluth later this week. It's the news we have all been waiting for.

Earlier this year, news broke that two popular Duluth restaurants would be "rebranding" with new names, menus and images. One of those spots was the JJ Astor restaurant on top of the Radisson, famous for its rotating space.

The other spot that was announced to be getting a rebrand was Bowery Bros. Pub, also located in the Radisson hotel. According to a report by the Duluth News Tribune at the time, the Radisson hired a restaurant consulting firm from the Twin Cities to do the rebranding.

Now, just a few short months later, we know when both of the rebranded spaces will open and they look awesome.

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The two new spots - a restaurant and a bar and lounge - will officially open on Friday, May 6th. Both located in the Radisson, the Apostle Supper Club and the False Eye Doll Lounge will be open for business at the end of the week.

The Apostle Supper Club will be located at the top of the Radisson in the old JJ Astor restaurant, as mentioned. Yes, the restaurant will still rotate.

The menu for the Apostle Supper Club has snacks, soups, salads, sides and main courses, along with a cocktail menu. Standouts include cheese fondue, a flight of deviled eggs, beer streamed mussels and lobster mac and cheese, among a bunch of other amazing items.

There is also a desert menu, with includes sorbet parfait and amaretto cheesecake. There is also the option to build your own martini, which I haven't ever seen at a restaurant before! The cocktail menu is based upon the 1960s, which brings a retro vibe to the spot.

The supper club will be "nostalgic fun" modeled after Palm Springs in the 1960s. The restaurant takes classic dishes and puts their own unique spin on them. A press release says the dishes are "deconstructed and reimagined" with "a sense of comfort and adventure" that sets them apart from other eateries. Yum.

The restaurant is owned by a couple, Brian and Sarah Ingram, who are passionate about giving back to the community and of course, good food. Brian has been sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits of the new spot on his Instagram page. A recent video he shared gives a cool glimpse into the restaurant before it officially opens later this week.

As you can tell in the sneak peak, the restaurant has seating that faces outward towards the windows so you can dine and get the amazing views you want from the location. There are also pops of color like orange and blue.

The restaurant will be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays but will be open Wednesday through Sunday. The restaurant will open at 5 p.m. with a lounge inside the spot that will remain open until midnight.

So why Duluth? The Ingrams say that the city has always had a place in their heart so it felt like a natural fit to open a restaurant here. They also have their own non-profit organization called Give Hope, which will donate three percent of sales from this restaurant to Life House, which helps homeless youth in the area.

The Ingrams also own a handful of other restaurants in Minnesota, including the famous Hope Breakfast Bar, which has a handful of locations across the state, and The Gnome Craft Pub. Now, they are expanding outside of the metro region and opening some cool spots in Duluth.

As for Bowery Bros. Pub, the new rebranded spot will also open on Friday, May 6th as the False Eye Doll Lounge. The tiki bar will be "a hockey infused ritual [...] with sport, spirit and superstition all in one experience." Woah!

By the way, an Apostle Supper Club with the same concept will be opening in Saint Paul later this summer. It will be located along Kellogg Boulevard. The Duluth location of the Apostle Supper Club and the False Eye Doll Lounge can be found at 505 W Superior Street in downtown.

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