I must say that I am a big fan of the new 'Roseanne' show, I was a little worried that it would have lost it's edge, but thankfully they have not missed a beat. The cast has picked up right where they left off some 20 years ago, the kids are grown and some have kids of their own. Roseanne looks amazing but Dan and Roseanne's sister Jackie look pretty worn out and tired.

The mention of Duluth happened on the episode this past Tuesday as Darlene and Becky are sitting in the kitchen discussing Darlene's attempt to get back with her husband David after many years of being married but living apart. Becky is trying to convince Darlene to divorce David saying it will never work and Darlene mentions their dad's old Ham radio that did not work for years, and now he has it up and running and he talks to a guy in Duluth who is 102 years old.

Since they live in a fictional town called Lanford in Illinois it could be possible that Dan could reach someone way up here on his radio. I remember hearing them say that and I turned and said did you guys hear them mention Duluth? Oh how random, but funny. Everyone in our household agreed they must mean Duluth Minnesota not Duluth Georgia. So whoever came up with mentioning Duluth anyone in this area that was watching most likely had a little smile on their face with that one.

You can check out the new episodes of 'Roseanne' on Tuesdays at 7PM on ABC.

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