This is big news and I can't wait! Michelle Young's new season of The Bachelorette is coming to our neck of the woods AND we know exactly when the new season will air.

There is a lot to break down here but in case you haven't been following along, our next lead of The Bachelorette is Michelle Young. She was on the last season of The Bachelor and eventually made the top two before getting sent home before the final rose ceremony.

Shortly after she was booted off the show, she was named the new lead of the series. There is a season currently airing on ABC and that is a different contestant from her season. They were both named as leads because Michelle didn't want to shoot her season until later in the year.

So what do we know about Michelle's new season so far? Thankfully, we have a bunch of new updates courtesy of spoiler king Reality Steve. Prior to these updates, all we knew was that the season would debut later this year.

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Now, we have an exact premiere date. According to a tweet from Reality Steve, Michelle's season of The Bachelorette will debut on Tuesday, October 19th. He got this information after ABC revealed their fall premiere scheduled. He just happened to notice it!

Like I mentioned, Michelle's season is airing later than usual because she is a teacher in Minnesota and wanted to finish out the school year with her kids. If she didn't, she would have had to leave them before school was out to film.

Reality Steve did unveil some other juicy news regarding this season: a good part of it will film in Minnesota! He shared the news on his website, stating that they will begin filming at the end of July in California but they won't be there for long. He says they will go from California to Minnesota.

He writes Michelle and her suitors will stay at the Marquette Hotel in Minneapolis. The hotel is completely booked out for most of August and sources tell him it is because they are renting it out to film the show!

Will they end the show in Minnesota? Reality Steve says it is likely they will not because filming is scheduled to wrap up in September and they are only in Minnesota for the month of August. This is so juicy!

Exactly where they are going to be filming and going on dates isn't known just yet but he did tweet out on update on his Twitter account Thursday (July 15th), writing that he has one location nailed down that they will be filming at.

The Semple Mansion is a wedding venue. According to the venue's website, it has been open since 2006 and is nearly 19,000 square feet. It also has "sweeping views" of downtown Minneapolis.

Ugh, I just can't wait for this season to air. As always, I will stay on the beat as we learn more about where they are filming. If you are a super fan of the show, you may be able to visit the Twin Cities and spot the show as it films.

We do know Michelle hasn't left just yet to film her season, as she has been spotted out and about in the Twin Cities. She was recently spotted at a St. Paul Saints game and has regularly updated her social media pages, which she can't do when she is filming.

Michelle hails from Edina, Minnesota and is an elementary school teacher there. She became a fan favorite after arriving late to Matt James' season in a special twist. She quickly caught his eye and was a front runner all the way through the end, eventually being named the new lead. Let's hope she finds her prince charming this time around.

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