Minnesota sure got some time in the spotlight Monday (January 4th) thanks to a new game show on ABC.

A Minnesota native was a contestant on the series premiere of The Hustler. The contestant's name is Brianna Hersey and she hails from North Oaks, Minnesota. I actually went to high school with her and was super excited when I saw her post about being on the show!

She got a short introduction on the show, with host Craig Ferguson making a joke that she was named after a type of cheese. The screen time didn't end there either! Spoiler alert: she made it all the way to the end and won the entire game! In the end, she took home $80,000 dollars. Wow!

The premise of the show is as follows: five contestants work together to answer ten trivia questions. According to ABC, each one is worth a cool ten-thousand dollars. It's not that simple though, as one the contestants is "the hustler" and already knows all the answers to all of the questions. Not only do the contestants have to try to make it to the end but they also have to guess who "the hustler" is in order to win the game and take home cash.

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It is always awesome to see Minnesota represented on television, especially on a game show! Right before the premiere of the show, we got some Minnesota love when The Bachelor aired its new season. One of the contestants vying for Matt James' heart was introduced and the coolest part is she is from Owatonna, Minnesota. Let's hope she ends up a winner too!

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