For those of us who live in the Northland and grumble during Tourist Season about traffic, it could be worse, much worse.

Having lived in Minneapolis for years , I guess I became immune to the traffic and wait times, and I drove a stick shift the whole time. But I also lived in the city, so I was not subject to the daily haul to and from the Suburbs, so that makes a huge difference too.

Now having lived in the Twin Ports for the last 13 years or so, I admit fully that I have become super spoiled, and truly impatient at the slightest wait in traffic. Have I lost my edge? Absolutely, and it is hard not too. Not to say that people here don't drive fast, or that you don't see some people who have no business on the road, you do, but for the most part traffic is really a non issue.

Think back to a few summers ago when 35 South was being repaired and the long delays and back ups, that x10 is what some people deal with every day. So be nice to the tourists, they keep this area alive, not to mention bring a ton of money into this place too. Take a deep breath and know that your car will move forward sooner or later.

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