It's here and it looks delicious! The Miller Hill Mall officially has a new addition that sushi lovers will run to.

There have been a ton of new additions to the Miller Hill Mall as of late and a bunch of them are pretty unique! Recently, a mini donut shop announced they would be opening in the mall. The shop also serves unique waffles with delicious toppings. Talk about delicious!

That isn't the only new addition that can satisfy a sweet tooth either. A bakery called Something Sweet By Maddie Lu recently opened in the Miller Hill Mall as well. The bakery is owned and operated by a Food Network star.

The bakery sells cookie dough, macarons, cakes, cupcakes and anything else you could want in a bakery! The bakery did a trial run with a pop-up bakery during the 2020 holiday season but ended up moving in permanently earlier this summer.

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The new additions have just kept coming. A new pet store called Bark Barn is now open in the mall as of earlier this year. The store sells pet merchandise, like leashes and clothing.

Now, you have another option of somewhere to eat before you shop and satisfy your sweet tooth. TK Sushi has officially opened and is located in the food court of the mall.

Back in mid-June, news of the new sushi shop was announced. At the time, we knew the name of the new spot but we didn't know details, like when they would be open. Now, we know that they are officially open for business.

As you can tell, the spot has seating so you can grab your food and sit and eat. The store officially opened on Monday (August 2nd) so you can go to the mall as we speak and feast.

TK Sushi is already an established restaurant in Minnesota, with a location in St. Cloud. The spot offers a wide variety of sushi to choose from, as you can tell in the photos above. Yum!

One addition to the Miller Hill Mall that I can't wait for is the new Spirit Halloween store! It will be located in the old Dress Barn location. As of now, there is no opening date but it is likely to be sometime soon as they always open for the season near the end of August.

Last year, it was located in the old Shopko location on Central Entrance. Now, you will be able to eat sushi, get a sweet treat and get ready for Halloween all at once. Ha!

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