You can never have too many tacos! That is good news because it looks like another taco shop is opening in Duluth.

In March of this year, a taqueria opened in downtown Duluth and has since become a big hit! The menu is completely authentic and features beef tongue, chorizo and grilled cactus. They also have suadero and al pastor on the menu.

The shop is called Tacos, Tacos, Tacos and is located at 107 E Superior Street. Have you ever heard of a better name for a taco shop? Ha!

The new taco shop will feature tacos but a twist on the average taco. They are known for their flatbread tacos which look absolutely delicious!

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The spot is called Hungry Hippie Tacos and I have heard about them before from my boyfriend. We went to Grand Marais on a day trip once and he told me we just had to eat there. He eats there often for work and has raved about it many times.

Sadly, I didn't have the chance to eat there but I have thought about the tacos ever since! They have special flatbread tacos, which are a nice twist on a regular taco. They are large and filling, according to their menu.

The menu features spiced ground beef, apple smoked pork, salsa roasted chicken, ale and chili smoked brisket and ranch beans and rice. They also offer the usual classics like chimichangas, burritos, quesadillas and taco salad.

They branch out a bit with their appetizers, offering hot tots with dipping sauces and spicy cheese curds. The original location is open from Wednesday through Saturday. I am hungry just writing about this!

The new spot will be located at 1810 W Superior Street in the Lincoln Park craft district of Duluth. According to The Development Tracker of Duluth, they are hoping to complete the new spot by 2022.

I reached out to Hungry Hippie Tacos to see what they could tell me about the spot and have not heard back just yet. However, they did confirm the new spot on their Instagram page earlier this year.

It looks like they have been dreaming of opening a new location for awhile and I am excited that they are finally able to move forward with their plans. I will stay on the beat and keep my eye open for an exact opening date but it looks like it will be sometime soon.

I know that I am counting down until the opening and I am sure everyone else is too! We have had a bunch of new businesses open in the area recently. A new Caribou Coffee location opened in Superior, Wisconsin over the summer.

A new pizzeria also opened in Superior. Ride Or Die Pizzeria opened over the summer and is located on Broadway Street. Another example is a new hot dog food truck that just opened. It is called UpDawg and has gourmet hot dogs. You can find it around the Twin Ports.

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