When I was a kid, one of my chores was to cut the grass. A task that I dreaded, even though our yard wasn't that big, I still wished I could do anything but that.

Now having lived most of my adult life in an apartment, I must say the last 5 years of owning our house has brought me much knowledge of how much work it is, in part, taking care of your lawn. We live in a very nice neighborhood in the Twin Ports, and thankfully all of our neighbors take pride in the look of their homes and lawns, which I do too...but ,let me say it does raise the bar a little each summer. I have been made fun of for how meticulous I have become with our yard. I  don't want the kids walking on the grass from the backyard, throwing bikes on the grass etc. I ask them have you ever heard of a kick stand?   Yesterday I saw one of my neighbors actually raking the yard. Raking, right now? We are going to get snow tonight. Well, maybe he is trying to get a jump on the Spring clean up. Summer is so short here, and pretty much anywhere in the Midwest. So, this summer I vow to spend more time outside and enjoy the fruits of my labor in keeping up with our neighbors to have a beautiful yard. But, the kids still need to walk on the sidewalk instead of the grass.