Most of us who own a home pride ourselves on having a nice green lawn, but If you have a dog, sometimes keeping that lawn pristine can be a bit of a challenge.

If Fido goes potty on said grass, or just like to roll around in it, all dog owners need to be aware of chemicals they use to try and maintain that greenscape. A new study has shown that some chemicals applied to peoples lawns can make dogs sick and even sometimes give them Cancer.

Many people are somewhat aware of this, and use caution. As for us we have 2 dogs and a cat and when we would have our lawn professionally done we kept them off the grass for 24 hours.

We had flags from the company in our grass that would show people that our lawn was treated, so If they would be walking by with their dog, they could steer them away from our lawn. So next time you are going out to get any chemicals to treat your grass or plants do some research to make sure it is safe, or safe as you can get for your pet.

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