Look up tonight and you might be treated by a solar light show.

The Space Weather Prediction Center says that we are currently under a G1 and G2 geomagnetic storm, which means a good chunk of the northern United States might be able to see the aurora tonight.

We should have partly cloudly sikes in the northland tonight, so it may be a little hit and miss viewing, but you should be able to catch a glimpse at some point.

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The best time to see them is generally after 11 PM and for the best chance at seeing them, head out of the city to escape the lights. According to the Northern Lights Centre, "The Northern Lights are actually the result of collisions between gaseous particles in the Earth's atmosphere with charged particles released from the sun's atmosphere. Variations in colour are due to the type of gas particles that are colliding."

Follow the SpaceWeatherLive Twitter account for updates and live views tonight.


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