After a long and very snowy winter, golfers are starting to get the itch to swing the clubs and hit the links. Courses around the region are at various phases of readiness, with a large portion of when they open being dictated by remaining snow, wet conditions, and weather to fix those things.

While many courses as of today are in the similar boat of being on standby, some have already opened for the season, and others have announced opening dates coming soon!

We'll update this list as we get additional information, so be sure to check back regularly.

Here are the latest updates from Northland courses, listed in alphabetical order:

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Apostle Highlands - Bayfield, WI

There are currently no announced opening details for Apostle Highlands, though they hope to announce additional details soon.

You can follow the latest on the Apostle Highlands website or Facebook page.

Big Fish Golf Club - Hayward, WI

Big Fish announced on Wednesday (April 26) that their driving range is open for the season. They also shared on Wednesday that they hope to open the course for the season on Thursday, May 4.

You can also take advantage of their simulator, which is open, offering an opportunity to get a virtual round in.

You can follow the latest updates on the Big Fish Golf Club website or Facebook page.

Big Lake Golf Resort - Cloquet, MN

The course currently has no published opening date, but their clubhouse is open 7 days a week for dinner with a full bar and lunch available on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

You can follow the latest on the Big Lake Golf Resort website or Facebook page.

Black Bear Golf Club - Minong, WI

Being south of Lake Superior by a considerable distance is offering an advantage for being able to open soon. Black Bear Golf Club in Minong shared a note on their Facebook page that they opened for the season on Friday, April 21.

Of course, days they'll be open early in the season are contingent on if we see another round of winter make an appearance, but the season is underway in Minong!

Black Bear Golf Course - Carlton, MN

Course preparations are underway, with crews working to ready the course for the 2023 season. A video shared by the course yesterday (April 24) shows some snow on the course yet, but work is being done to open as soon as possible.

In the meantime, the course's pro shop is open 7 days a week with gear, season passes, or sign-ups for leagues this season.

You can follow the latest on the Black Bear Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Chequamegon Bay Golf Course - Ashland, WI

Chequamegon Bay announced that their opening day for the 2023 season is Thursday, April 27. They note in a Facebook post that they opened their back 9 for walking only, with details yet to come on when all 18 holes will be open for the season.

You can follow the latest on the Chequamegon Bay Golf Club or Facebook page.

Enger Park Golf Course - Duluth, MN

Enger Park Golf Course currently has no published opening date for the 2023 season Their clubhouse is open Monday-Friday 9 am to 3 pm ahead of the course opening for the season, with gear and passes for the season available.

You can follow the latest updates on the Enger Park Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Grand View Golf Links - Duluth, MN

In an update shared on April 24, Grand View says they are predicting the course to open in the second week of May, with hopes the weather will allow for an earlier opening date than that.

In the meantime, they are holding some preseason activities, including having the clubhouse open this weekend to offer some "early bird specials" and continue selling their season passes.

You can follow the latest updates on the Grand View Golf Links website or Facebook page.

Hayward Golf Course - Hayward, WI

Hayward Golf Course got the season underway with the driving range opening for the season on Wednesday, April 26, and the course on Thursday, April 27.

The driving range is hitting off their all-weather mats only, and the course is walking-only for the time being - at least through the first weekend of the season.


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Lakeview National Golf Course - Two Harbors, MN

Lakeview National in Two Harbors doesn't currently have an announced opening date, though preseason activities are underway. Organizing of this season's leagues is happening now.

You can follow the latest updates on the Lakeview National Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Moose Lake Golf Club - Moose Lake, MN

Moose Lake Golf Club doesn't currently have any announced opening date, though they have been doing course preparation and cleaning after the long winter. They also continue to offer music and other fun at the clubhouse before the season gets underway.

You can follow the latest updates on the Moose Lake Golf Club website or Facebook page.

Nemadji Golf Course - Superior, WI

As of the time of this article, Nemadji doesn't have a scheduled opening date for the course, however their driving range opened for the season at 10 am on Thursday, April 27.

You can follow the latest updates on the Nemadji Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Northern Pines Golf Course - Iron River, WI

The most recent update from the course (last week) shared that most of the snow is almost gone, and they are hoping to open within the next few weeks. Like most other courses, they are organizing leagues for the 2023 season now, with meetings scheduled for the first part of May.

You can follow the latest updates on the Northern Pines Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Pike Lake Golf Course - Duluth, MN

As of the time of this article, Pike Lake doesn't have a scheduled opening date for the course for the 2023 season. While the course isn't open yet, their clubhouse is open daily. offering food and beverages alongside beautiful Pike Lake.

You can follow the latest updates on the Pike Lake Golf & Beach Club website or Facebook page.

Pine Hill Golf Club - Carlton, MN

As of 10 am Wednesday, April 26, Pine Hill is open for the season! T

Wet weather later in the week may influence their hours later in the week, but the season will officially open in Carlton!

You can follow the latest updates on the Pine Hill Golf Club Facebook page.

Poplar Golf - Poplar, WI

After a reported change of ownership, the new management at Poplar Golf Course has not yet offered an opening date for the 2023 season. The clubhouse, however, is open and offering food and beverages along with making preseason preparations for this year. This includes offering season passes and organizing leagues

You can follow the latest updates on the new Poplar Golf and Campground Facebook page.

Proctor Golf Course - Proctor, MN

Proctor Golf Course's clubhouse is open, but no word on an opening date yet for the course in Proctor. League sign-ups and season passes are being offered at the clubhouse now, with this year's season opener pending.

You can follow the latest updates on the Proctor Golf Course website or Facebook page.

Superior National Golf at Lutsen - Lutsen, MN

Superior National shared an update via email that the ongoing cool and wet weather (and leftover snow from this long winter) continue to hamper their hopes to open anytime soon.

They explain that with daytime temps in the 40s and nightly freezing temps forecasted into the start of May, the 2023 opener will likely be pushed back to at least the second or third week in May.

They do point out that their tee sheet is open for setting up tee times, with dates available to book as early as Saturday, May 20. This isn't necessarily their planned opening date, but it is a date they are hoping to be open by. This, of course, will depend a lot on the weather.

You can follow the latest updates on the Superior National Golf at Lutsen website or Facebook page.

Wolf Ridge Golf Course - Angora, MN

There are currently no updates for the 2023 season at Wolf Ridge. You can follow the latest on the Wolf Ridge Golf Course website.

Again, we'll update this as we get additional information. I can't wait to get out on the course this season, so I will be keeping this up-to-date with the latest as it becomes available!

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