How awesome is this?!

The NorthShore Inline Marathon is right around the corner and as if you needed another reason to be excited for the huge event, they have now unveiled new medals for the race's finishers.

There are three different new medals - one for each of the ways you can take on the race. Take a look:

New Medals for 2019

The NorthShore Inline Marathon is the nation's largest skating race. The event takes you from Two Harbors to downtown Duluth on a course of about 26 miles. Everything is centered around the DECC.

The race takes place on Saturday, September 14th. You can sign up here. (This means you still have about a month to train - ha!)

Just a few months ago, the NorthShore Inline Marathon partnered with the Northern Lights Foundation to donate around three-thousand dollars to local charities.

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