If you have the means and the space a pet can be an invaluable asset to your quality of life, the question is what kind and from where?

I myself am a big advocate of adopting a dog or cat from a shelter, their are so many amazing animals out there looking for forever homes. A majority of these animals were given up for reasons that were not their fault, and with a little love and patience they could become a life long friend.

Unless you are set on certain pure breed type of dog, which some shelters do have, many dogs of different breeds have the best personalities of the bunch. Of our 4 animals 3 of them are from Animal Allies. All of them are in good health and very loved. It can get chaotic at times, but now that our kids are older it is a calmer environment .

The beauty of a place like Animal Allies is that they know the animals very well, they do behavioral tests, get as much history from the former owner as possible and get top notch medical care. Including spay/neuter and microchipped. Plus if you have other pets in your home they can help you to see if this new dog or cat will be a good match.

It is a really big deal getting a pet and a commitment for the life of that dog or cat, it is heartbreaking how many animals are just cast aside or not taken care of properly. It is a big expense even with healthy animals and it is something you need to be prepared for, food, grooming, toys, treats,  regular vet visits and sometimes medication.

Pet Insurance is available which can be fairly expensive, but some Vets take Care Credit Cards which you can apply for at the office. Also ask around about Veterinarians prices and care can really vary. And lastly If your kids beg you to get a cat or especially a dog and promise you they will take care of them, don't believe them. This animal will be your responsibility when the newness wears off!