Many of you have heard Duluth Police Officer Ron Tinsley on the Morning show with Cooper and I for our 'Ask a Cop' segment. Ron was kind enough to meet me at an area in East Duluth to make some observations and suggest some safety measures.

On a nice day the Lakewalk is always packed and with that comes a lot of foot traffic, rollerbladers, bikes, strollers etc. and for people in their vehicles crossing the road in between the Lakewalk can be a nightmare.

Just this summer alone I have almost gotten T-boned 3x by people on their bikes who are going top speed and flying across the roadway with out slowing down or looking for cars. If I had not stopped before the lakewalk and looked they would have all ran right into the side of my car.

We are so lucky to have this beautiful pathway for miles, but everyone needs to be observant before tragedy strikes. We are all taught very young to look both ways before you cross the street, so keep that in mind as an adult as well.

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