Kim Kardashians ex- Kris Humphries is getting unwanted attention again these days,  not from his sham of a marriage , but from his sweaty body that was swabbed by a  fan who has no personal bubble.

Poor Kris, this nice guy from Minnesota must really miss the days when he was just known for being a professional basketball player. He is a good looking guy, so maybe strange women grabbed at him all the time when he walked off the court, but I would guess his notoriety from his ex-wife fuels the insanity.

The woman in this video is a total idiot, she lunges at Humphries then proceeds to look completely grossed out as she rubs her hands on the guy next to her. What do you expect? He is on the court playing basketball, he is going to be a hot mess.

You get what you get, I am sure he does not give this video a second thought, at least he was playing enough to have worked up a sweat and the Brooklyn Nets won the game. Lesson learned keep your hands to yourself.


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