Thanksgiving is over and December is almost here. This means it is time to get into holiday mode and it also means, winter weather is upon us whether we like it or not. Things haven't been too bad so far!

We did have a few things of note in November in terms of the weather, but it's not like we saw a major winter storm or massive cold snap. Instead, we saw measurable snow for six consecutive days. It wasn't a ton of snow but it was day after day, which is worth noting.

According to WDIO Meteorologist Brandon Weatherz, we also had nearly two weeks of consecutively chilly days. However, it wasn't brutal cold but rather days where we didn't quite hit freezing.

Overall, it wasn't a terribly cold month. December is when winter really ramps up so if you're like me, you're wondering what could be in store for our region for the month ahead. I turned to the Old Farmer's Almanac for that answer.

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First and foremost, you should know that it will be snowy for pretty much the entire month without a break. The first part of the month will bring "heavy snow" to parts of the region with snow in the forecast for the rest of the month. Rain will mix in there as well.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, it will be cold, which isn't a shocker. It will also be "frigid" at times with an average temperature of just eighteen degrees, which happens to be below average.

As for whether we will see a white Christmas or not, it looks like we will. The Old Farmer's Almanac is forecasting periods of snow from the twenty-first of the month through the end of the year. If it's going to snow, we might as well have a snowy holiday, right?

As for the rest of the winter, brace yourself for things to get worse and even more wintry. We are expecting a La Niña winter yet again, according to the National Weather Service. This means a colder and snowier winter than usual.

I should also mention that not everyone was safe from the November winter weather! While Duluth got some light snow, other areas in the Northland got hit with more than two feet of snow during a mid-month storm. 'Tis the season!

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