Winter is definitely here in the Northland whether we like it or not. While we have yet to see our first major snow storm of the season, it looks like we won't be getting off too easy.

The Old Farmer's Almanac recently released their official winter forecast for the 2019 - 2020 season and it's not looking too great right now.

According to their predictions, this winter will "be remembered for strong storms." The publication also goes on to mention "steady" amounts of heavy rain and sleet and piles of snow - yes, piles.

Here's a few of their key predictions to note:

  • The publication says we can expect "frequent snow events" which by definition means flurries to heavy storms.
  • We will see "no fewer than seven big snowstorms" from the west coast to the east coast.
  • Two of the major snowstorms will take place in April.
  • Minnesota and Wisconsin will be impacted as storms move from Washington east into Michigan.
  • The Midwest will also be impacted in terms of sleet, as the publication reports our neck of the woods can expect "sludgy messes that freeze" during the overnight hours.

As for The Farmers' Almanac, they are also predicting a somewhat chaotic winter, dubbing this upcoming season a polar coaster. According to their predictions, Minnesota will be frigid and snowy this year while Wisconsin will be frozen and snowy.

Either way, we all better dig out our jackets and brace ourselves!

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