One Direction fans are a dedicated bunch. So much so that the Directioners camped outside of the stadium in Colombia recently to listen to and capture the boys as they soundchecked and rehearsed for their world tour. You can get a taste, too, thanks to their diligence.

The clip posted above is five minutes long and takes place outside of the stadium, with rehearsal snippets of a bunch of songs, which gives a good indication of the tour set list.

The audio in the clip posted below has subpar audio but you get a sense of what's going on and the fans are singing along, too. There are suggestions that the boys will cover Green Day and Avicii's 'Wake Me Up' during the tour.

Oh, and here's a little piece of 1D lore. Simon Cowell has revealed (via Sugarscape) that back in 2012, when Britney Spears was a judge on the now-canceled U.S. version of 'X Factor,' Louis Tomlinson texted the acid-tongued Cowell, who was responsible for assembling 1D on the British version of the show, for some help. He requested a Brit Brit autograph.

Given the millions that 1D have lined SiCo's pockets with, it was the least he could do and he obliged LT's request for Brit's John Hancock.

"I think the last text I got from Louis was 'Can I have Britney's autograph?,'" Simon said.
"I got it for him, yeah. But we have a good relationship and it's a friendship... we had that from day one."

Maybe Simon can invite LT over for dinner and to meet his new son, Eric!

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