The Insider reported Green Bay Packers Running Back Aaron Jones wears a necklace containing some of his fathers ashes. His father passed away earlier this year at the age of 56 from complications with COVID-19. But on Monday night during the game against the Detroit Lions he lost the necklace somewhere in the end zone after completing four touchdowns to give the Packers a 35-17 victory over the lions.

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In his post game interview Jones had told reporters that the necklace had not been found but that his dad would be happy. "He'd be like, If you lose it anywhere, lose it in the end zone."  But Matt Schneidman, posted a video on Twitter of Packers trainer Bryan Engel searching the Packers' end zone late into the night, searching for the lost pendant.

He was out on the field until 2am, but fortunately he found it. Talk about a needle in a haystack.  Jones then posted a picture of the football charm that was found and posted on Twitter as well.

Former NFL safety Ryan Clark said to ESPN:

For him to be out there, that late at night when no one else is truly watching, to do that for one of his players is amazing," Clark said. "That's a testament to who he is as a man and to who Aaron Jones is to him as a player.

With all the negative news we are often inundated with regarding the NFL it is a breath of fresh air to hear a story like this about someone going the extra mile to help out a teammate. And for someone like Jones  who is a beloved member of the team this is truly a happy ending for such a great guy.

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