Last weeks weather brought a doozy of a storm across the lower plain states and for many of these areas they are not prepared or equipped to deal with the snow and Ice. In comes a Good Samaritan from Kansas.

Nineteen Year Old  Andre Flood of Lenexa Kansas was out all night pulling people out of the snow. He ended up towing out a total of 53 cars in all. He did not do it for the money, but just to help out some families or fellow Kansas residents who were stuck.

Having lived in Kansas for 3 years during my radio career infancy, it is no joke that most of these poor people are at a loss when it snows. You are really at the mercy of mother nature since plows are at a minimum, especially in the out lying areas.

I actually had to explain to one girl what it means to rock your car when stuck in the snow. It  had snowed maybe 3 inches and she was stuck, I ended up doing it for her as it was a lost cause.

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