It's been one year since a large storm system dropped several inches of rain on the region; leaving homes, businesses, roadways, and entire communities damaged around the Duluth/Superior region. A year later, we take a look back at some of the incredible photos and videos that left us awestruck.

Between 6 and 10 inches of rain fell in an area from Grand Rapids to Ashland, Moose Lake to Grand Marais; with a majority of the rainfall through the afternoon and evening hours of Wednesday, June 19, 2012 and overnight into June 20. Those who weren't up all night protecting their belongings or watching the rain pour down awoke to news that nobody expected after a weather forecast that expected only about 2 inches of rain.

Below we have a photo gallery we've collected from photos submitted by listeners and station staff, a gallery of social media photos, and a series of videos that encapsulate the event.

Photo Gallery of Flood and Aftermath

Panorama of Railroad Tracks on N 21st St., Near Superior YMCA

Panorama of Flooding at Superior High School

Videos of the Flood

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