We at MIX 108 thought we had a good hiding spot for our OneRepublic scavenger hunt, but two listeners used their deep knowledge of the Twin Ports to find our hidden prize and claim their OneRepublic tickets less than 24 hours after we hid the prize.

A big congratulations goes out to SueAnn, as she and her friend Kaylee found the hidden cutout under a bench at Twin Ponds Monday evening. SueAnn said she and Kaylee spent a little time planning a strategy that narrowed their search to the Enger Tower area, Lester Park area, or Chester Bowl area. Their first stop, as they checked out the Enger Tower/Twin Ponds area proved to be fruitful, as the found the cutout and shared the photo below, excitedly displaying the previously hidden cutout.

Using our visual clue (seen here) and this on-air clue, SueAnn and Kaylee got to work:

Beautiful surroundings give you reason to take pause, consider looking near a park as you take up this cause.

SueAnn and her friend will be enjoying the OneRepublic show featuring The Script next week at Target Center.