It does not get anymore of a variety than this, ha ha, I am ecstatic over the new Prince album which sounds like old Prince....which is my favorite! :)

1.) Colbie Caillat : “Gypsy Heart” (producer: Babyface)- I have not listened to enough tracks off this album to hear the Babyface influence, but with here sweet voice, this is a great album for any of her fans. You can here her latest single "Try" right here on Mix 108.

2.) Prince : “Art Official Age” (his first album since 2010’s “20Ten”)-Two thumbs up on this album, I am a life long Prince fan, and this to me brings me back to the day when he first hit the scene. Cooper and I were wondering If this was old music he just released, or If it is indeed all new? With Prince you never know, just sit back and enjoy!

3.) The Script :“No Sound Without Silence” : This band has a sound like so many  , other bands out right now, but they are the steady horse that wins the race. And,  I do have to say their new song" Superheroes" is slowly growing on me. Check out the video below:


-Seth MacFarlane :“Holiday For Swing!” (guests: Norah Jones, Sara Bareilles)

-Melissa Etheridge : “This Is M.E.”

-Blake Shelton : “Bringing Back the Sunshine” (guests: Ashley Monroe, RaeLynn)

-Barry White : “5 Classic Albums” (five full albums)