Green Bay Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur is clearly passionate about fan behavior during games, telling the press he needs to "educate our fans" about when and when not to do 'The Wave.'

Anyone that's been to a sporting event has probably had the opportunity to take part in a tradition where fans stand up one after another by section, making it look like a giant wave running through the stands, well it appears that LaFleur is not a fan of this tradition, or at least while Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' offense is on the field.

After the Packers' preseason loss to the New York Jets, the coach was asked about fans doing 'The Wave', he said, "We’re going to have some talks with some people in our building about how we can help educate our fans in certain situations."

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After taking a moment to praise the fans, he went on to say, "When you’re on offense, and it’s a third down situation, I’d rather not hear the ‘Go Pack Go’ chant and, when we’re on offense, I’d rather not see ‘The Wave.'" He would much rather get that while the defense is on the field.

I have a feeling that this will backfire on the coach, I can already see teams, like the Minnesota Vikings, encouraging 'The Wave' while the Packers are on offense. He's young, he'll learn not to comment on these things in the future.

One Wisconsin sports station did a poll and found that most people think that the coach should worry about what's happening on the field versus what the fans are doing. I would hope that professional athletes are talented enough to work through fans doing 'The Wave.'

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