We have all heard about the metal debris that was found on Park Point Beach a few months ago and now The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the City of Duluth are putting the clean up plan into place with a portion of Park Point blocked off. Right now on Park Point you can see big orange barrels in the sand between 7th and 10th street which is the portion of the beach that is closed.

This past spring some man made metal debris like aluminum cans, nails and even taconite pellets were somehow accidently dumped on the beach last fall when they were dredging it up. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Chief of Construction & Survey Corey Weston said to WDIO "Although the material was small, small in relative sake for the amount of material that was placed out there, we aren't discounting that at all, and we're taking that very seriously, and working with the city to develop a plan to get that cleaned up."

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My question is what type of material was placed out there on the beach that some of these items were accidently left behind? Also what else could be lurking in the sand just below the surface? Either way this was discovered and measures are being taken to fix it, but the timing is a drag for beach goers with temperatures hitting 90 degrees this weekend.

The work to clean up the beach is coming in three phases but there is no timeline on when it will all be finished. So for right now they will be using equipment that will skim the top six inches of sand and sifts through it so other debris will be picked up as well. Even though it is a slight inconvenience to have a portion of the beach closed many locals agree it will be nice to have the sand cleaned up in general.

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