Oh boy it has come to this, like our society is not bonkers enough with the selfie craze, now peoples pets are getting into it.

To be honest, with 3 teenagers and the constant selfie pictures this is a welcome and comical change for me. I for one have never taken a selfie, o.k. I lie I have done one, but it was not in the mirror so does it still count? I could not resist this picture of our cat Jasmine, so it is not a true Pelfie, but it cracks me up when she lays in the sun like this.

We usually see her sunning outside in our front yard and I have pulled up to the house convinced that maybe she has used up all her 9 lives, because of how she is sprawled out on the sidewalk. Oh to be that free, maybe I will try sunning like that on our deck this weekend and see how long it takes before the neighbors become concerned. :)