The original Pitch Perfect grossed a modest $65 million at the domestic box office, which was just enough to justify a sequel. Three years later, Pitch Perfect 2 has just passed $160 million on a budget of only $29 million, so yeah, of course Universal is officially moving forward with Pitch Perfect 3. It turns out that a combination of snarky comedy and a capella remixes of pop hits is a license to print money. So much money.

The Hollywood Reporter says that screenwriter Kay Cannon, who penned the first two movies in the series, is officially back on board for the third round. What’s not known is whether or not series producer and co-star Elizabeth Banks will return to the director’s chair after stepping in for Jason Moore on Pitch Perfect 2. Considering the massive success of the sequel, it’s easy to imagine the studio bending over backwards to get her behind the camera again.

What’s especially unknown is what the movie will actually be about. Pitch Perfect 2 takes place during the final months of the main characters’ collegiate lives, so it’s entirely possible for series stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson to put these movies behind them and move on to other things. After all, the sequel introduced Hailee Steinfeld as a talented new freshman and it’s easy to imagine future films being built around her adventures in competitive a capella (with other familiar faces popping up to say hi in brief cameos). However, it would be easy for Cannon to find a way to reunite the old gang. This is the movies we’re talking about here. Anything is possible.

If Pitch Perfect 3 follows the same patterns as the first two films, look for it sometime in 2018.

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